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A Comprehensive Guide For Foreign Born US Citizens For Obtaining A New Social Security Card

December 24th, 2015

In a number of different situations in your life, you would need a social security number for securing your future and present. If you are looking for a guide to help you in the process of getting a new social security card and you are a foreign born US citizen, you have come to the right place. With proper guidance, you can ensure that the procedure of the application is easy and fast.

Just like every other thing in life, a bit of preparation will take you a long way in minimizing the hassle associated with legal proceedings. There are a few documents that are a mandatory part of the application process. These include a proof of citizenship, an Age proof and a proof of Identity.

If you are worried about the specific documents that would be accepted under each category, this is the comprehensive list of the documents-

Citizenship proof

  • Passport
  • Naturalization Certificate or N-570/N-550
  • Citizenship Certificate or N-561/N-560
  • Report of Birth Certificate or DS-1350
  • FS- 240, CRBA

Age Proof

If a proof of birth is available, it must be produced, however, if it is not possible to procure it within 10 days, other documents passed by the DHS would be accepted.

Identity proof

For your identity proof, you must submit a document that is current and has not already expired. The document should show your name, age and date of birth and should have a recent photo (preferably). Documents ideal for Identity proof include a non-driver’s ID card or a driver’s permit issued by the U.S. or state passport.

After you have your documents in a row, you will need to apply for the card with the application form available online. Thereafter, you have to submit the application online or at the nearest office and appear for an interview to confirm that you do not have a social security number already.

Android – The Best Platform For Building Mobile App

December 20th, 2015

One of the accepted trends that you can find nowadays is Android app development. In 2007, the acceptance of Android to the users was quite low, but after the acquisition of Android by Google, this platform has gained more visibility. Obviously, there are some reasons for which app development companies recommend Android as the best platform.

Low expenditure and maximum ROI

Android has relatively a low obstacle to access. Android offers its free SDK to the community of developers, and it reduces the licensing and development costs. The charges for development may be split into 3 stages- app development, app testing, and hardware charges for deploying the software.

Open Source

Find the advantages of open source from allowing the best technology system, presented by Android. The structure of SDK for Android is open-source, and it indicates that you can easily communicate with a community for some developments of your android mobile app creation. For this reason, Android mobile app development option quite smart.

Multiple channels for sales

Unlike some other mobile-based platforms, Android apps may be arranged in various means. You do not need to depend on a particular market in order to allocate your apps. You may make use of third-party app marketplace; however, you may also create your personal distribution channel or sales channel.

Trouble-free adoption

Android apps are created with Java by using a wonderful library. One can create the Android apps with some experience in Java. A recent study indicates that several Java programmers have found it very simple to adopt code for Android applications. Now, it is quite advantageous for any Java developers to switch the script of code into a mobile app.

Thus, if you have now no Android-based app for your business, you have to hire the developers to create one such application.