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Can WhatsApp Completely Replace SMS Messages?

September 16th, 2015

Millions of users use WhatsApp every day and most have completely replaced their need to send SMS messages with the app. However, can WhatsApp completely replace SMS messages? In this article, we’ll discuss that very question.

What is WhatsApp?

The first question is, what exactly is WhatsApp? For those don’t know, WhatsApp is a mobile phone application for sending free text messages, put simply. Available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and just about every mobile platform in between, WhatsApp is used by millions of users round the world. What’s more, you can also download WhatsApp for PC, making it the complete package in terms of mobile messaging.

How does it compare to SMS?

The answer to that one is, very closely. WhatsApp looks and feels like an SMS app and even uses a phone number system for exchanging contacts. However, sending a message through WhatsApp only requires an internet connection and won’t eat into your SMS package.

That being said, not everybody has WhatsApp, so you can’t just message your usual SMS contacts, making a seamless transition to WhatsApp difficult.

Can WhatsApp replace SMS?

This is the big question and the answer really depends on how you look at it. WhatsApp will always face the issue that there will always be users out there who use SMS and that’s incredibly difficult to combat.

It would only be achievable if mobile phone manufacturers, including Apple and Google were to completely replace their messaging applications with WhatsApp and it could be used without the need for a permanent internet connection.

There’s still a large percentage of the market who aren’t aware of WhatsApp, or use an alternative service. Facebook’s Messenger platform also provides a major rival and the only way to counteract that would be for the two services to combine.

In conclusion, WhatsApp has the power and functionality to completely replace the need for SMS messaging. However, it’s a pretty difficult journey to achieving that. Many users are still unaware of WhatsApp and many more will refuse to give up SMS altogether. It would require a big change in the mobile space for WhatsApp to become that mainstream.

How Attendance Software Monitors Employees For Precise Salaries & Bonuses

September 9th, 2015

Attendance software programs have gained a huge notoriety over the past years, mostly around large and middle sized companies. There are plenty of options out there, while most of them can also be customized for a thorough experience. After all, what works for a company will not work for all of them. The interesting news is that this kind of competition has also kept the costs constant. Therefore, small companies and businesses opt for this type of control as well.

Checking in & Checking out

An attendance software makes checking in and out a breeze. As a company manager, monitoring these times is a matter of computerized details. Knowing the total amount of hours worked has never been easier, not to mention breaks and vacations. It makes no difference where you are. You can do it from your vacation or from a different country. The larger the company is, the more sophisticated the attendance software should be. At this point, some managers rely on an API in order to integrate this program with all the terminals within the company. Checking these times only needs a few clicks. Choose the employee name in the software and get a detailed report on their activity – hours worked, breaks, vacations, wages, bonuses and so on. It is pure mathematics, yet what draws the attention is the automated checking times.

How It Actually Helps

Some small companies rely on notebooks or papers for employees to sign in and out when they arrive and leave work. These papers are used by the economic department to calculate wages and bonuses. They might work to a particular point – small companies. However, it is still relatively easy to cheat on the system. On the other hand, an automated or computerized system will clear the necessity of extra employees for monitoring, but it will also perform automatic calculations that just cannot be contested.

In conclusion, an attendance software is the optimal choice for companies willing to save money and pay their employees what they deserve. There is no room for mistakes if the program is thoroughly set and customized.